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Refrigerated Vans for sale from Vanwise in Essex and Kent

USED Refrigerated VANS IN Maidstone and Harlow AVAILABLE AT VANWISE GROUP

Refrigerated vans are based on normal vans, but with a refrigerated loading area. They're used by a variety of businesses, from wedding caterers to wholesalers, to transport things which need to be kept cool – not just meat, fish and dairy products, but fruit, vegetables, flowers and medicines too.Refrigerated vans can be any size, from small, car-derived vehicles to seven-tonne trucks. You'll find all the same makes and models you'd expect to find when looking for a standard van too, including a used Ford Transit, used Volkswagen Transporter, used Renault Trafic and used Peugeot Boxer.

Just like a domestic fridge, a refrigerated van has a refrigeration unit, powered by the van's engine, an airtight insulated area (the load space) and a condenser – a network of pipes which absorb heat and keep the refrigerated area cool. So when you're calculating the weight you want the van to be able to carry, you'll need to factor in the weight of both units.

When you're choosing a used refrigerated van, you'll be thinking about the same considerations as you would with a normal van: fuel economy, cabin space and comfort, safety, ease of driving and size. Smaller vans are obviously cheaper to buy and run, as well as easier to park and manoeuvre, but larger vans can be more cost-effective if you have lots of goods to carry and deliveries to make on a daily basis.

Here at Vanwise Group, each of our used refrigerated vans is fully inspected before going on sale, so you can rest assured you’re getting a high quality product. Browse through our current list of vehicles below, and if you'd like to test drive one, just give us a call – you'll find us in Maidstone and Harlow. We offer a range of van leasing and van finance options too, so you can choose the arrangement that suits your needs.