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Used Iveco Vans in Essex and Kent from Vanwise Group

Used Iveco vans for sale at Vanwise Group

A name that is synonymous with the design and development of some of the best commercial vehicles around, Iveco offers a host of vehicles that have been designed to offer a level of practical support that enables your business to achieve its goals. The range of Iveco vans incorporates models such as the Iveco Daily - a capable and versatile model that comes in a host of iterations to ensure that there is an option to suit all commercial demands.

For example, the Daily may be configured to come in aLuton van guise, making it perfect for removal companies and those demanding practical loadspace for the transportation of long and bulky goods. Alternatively, a more simple panel van edition offers plenty of flexibility and capable performance, with sliding side doors and a wide opening rear that enables loading and unloading to be quick and free from hassle.

Iveco vans can also be relied upon to offer the very best in terms of technology and performance. In the Daily, for instance, you have the advantage of choosing a model that has been through four decades of refinement and which today features such innovative driver assistance measures that you can have the utmost confidence in the quality of performance and safety available.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) help mitigate the risk and severity of any on-road incidents, with an Advanced Emergency Braking System and City Brake PRO detecting any potential collisions in busy traffic. Similarly impressive is the Adaptive Cruise Control system, which actively monitors the distance from the vehicle up ahead, adjusting the cruising speed of your model in order to maintain a safe space between you.

At Vanwise Group in Essexand Kent, we’re delighted to be able to offer used Iveco vans to be taken for a test drive and be purchased today. This selection, which is detailed on this page, is updated on a regular basis as more and more models come into stock. By clicking through you will be able to learn more about the many attributes of those models on display, as well as view a series of images that provide a closer look.