Are you buying the right van for your business?

What to consider when choosing a van for your business

A van is a van, right? Wrong. If you’re looking for your next van then you already know there is much more to selecting the right used van for your business than just reliability. Of course, that needs to be on the list but so does versatility, capability, economy, safety, security...and so the list goes on. So, where to start?

Luckily, Vanwise Group is here to help you determine your vehicle needs. Here’s our guide to making sure that choosing a van for your business is straightforward. It all starts with what might appear to be some pretty basic questions:

What is the primary purpose of your van?

This is fundamental to making the right choice. Is it a commercial vehicle for transporting goods? Carrying equipment? People? This will determine what model and body style you opt for. Carrying tools and building materials or machinery will require specific space, load capacities and potentially added security to minimise the risk of theft.

How many passengers are you likely to have?

If your van will have a work force travelling in it every day, it needs to be able to accommodate them comfortably and safely. If it is a people carrier you require, then how many people do you anticipate will travel in it?

When will it be used?

If it is intended to be used at night, then there are plenty of technologies that can enhance and enrich night-time driving. Indeed, there are plenty for daytime driving too, so look at specification lists for various trim levels when considering used vans.

Where will it be used?

Will it be making long journeys? What kind of roads will it be driven on? Largely motorways or lots of urban areas? Does it need to be agile and able to fit into tight parking spots, or will it be on a building site with uneven terrain?

Where will it be kept?

If you have a yard, garage or lock up, how secure is it? If the van will be kept at home, is it in a designated space? Are there any size restrictions that apply in either scenario?

Who will be driving it?

Are there any special requirements for the drivers of the van? Ergonomic seating? Satellite navigation systems? Driver safety is optimum in all scenarios, so make sure you consider who the drivers will be.

So there we go…

Harder to answer than you first thought? That’s common, and part of the reason why we wanted to create this guide. You might not have all the answers to hand but it’s food for thought and stuff that you really do need to consider before investing in a used van or a van contract hire agreement.

If you don’t have all the answers that’s absolutely fine. When you’re ready, just contact an expert at one of our Vanwise Group used van dealers in Harlow and Maidstone, who will answer your questions and make recommendations based on your list of requirements.